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Click on a photo to get to know some of our favorite artists and see their work!
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Bonnielynn Brankey is a freelance artist, muralist, and an adventure seeker that invites challenge and conquest. She hopes she can make a difference by increasing awareness and educating through her art the delicate balance of our lives, the lives of our oceans and the world we live in. Bonnielynn's inspiration comes from her travels through the United States and abroad, and from her underwater photographs of the sea life, fish, and corals she sees on her scuba diving trips across the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. 

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Douglas J Hoffman is a dive instructor that evolved into a photographer.  He's had the opportunity to support a few NPOs, and created portraits for campaigns to end commercial whaling, end the demand for shark fin soup, and to provide reef and fish images to Dr. Jane Goodall for her online educational program called Roots N Chutes.  Since then, he's provided images to the Whale Dolphin Conservation Society, Humane Society International, and more. Besides teaching photography, he's a partner in Kohola Gallery in Wailea Maui, featuring photography, sculpture, glass, and paintings.     




Océane Jacob is a French multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Hong Kong currently living in Paris. Through the constant theme of “In Deep Water” – both its literal and figurative meaning – Océane dedicates her work to highlighting the destruction of marine ecosystems in order to visually portray the urgency of the situation the world is currently in. She has focused on showcasing the fragility of corals, the ravages of the shark fin industry, and the invasion of garbage through sculpture whilst directing attention towards the ocean’s beauty and vulnerability in the face of modernization through marine photography and painting.

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