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Microcosm is a documentary journey into a hidden universe that will change everything you think you know about the ocean.  Viewers experience a never before seen alien world, and accompany scientists racing to unravel its secrets with hopes of solving environmental challenges plaguing our planet.   From the remote Arctic to the tropic wonders of Hawaii and beyond, impossibly small and enigmatic creatures are controlling the air we breathe, food we eat, and are key to the existence of life on Earth.  It is smaller than a drop of water and larger than life, it is the microcosm.

the film
The facts
The mission


Our purpose is to acquaint audiences with who the key players are in the microscopic ocean, demonstrate why they are important, and enlighten people to how knowing about them can help us live better, more sustainable lives here on Earth. Our approach toward this goal is multifaceted and includes the film, curriculum and other materials for educators, and seeks to explore the connections between art and science through a series of STEAM based initiatives.



Microcosm traverses the entire global ocean and to date, shoots have taken place in the Arctic, Florida, Socorro Islands, Gulf of Alaska, and several western Pacific locations.  We are using cutting edge combinations of microscopes and 4k camera equipment to help viewers experience life in the ocean in an entirely new way.  The Microcosm story has evolved through collaboration with scientists and professionals from institutions such as the John G. Shedd Aquarium, University of Alaska, the United States Coast Guard and many more.  Much of our funding has been crowd sourced, and provided through the generosity of individuals, and in this way we have built a community around the important work we do. 

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